Maybe you’ve already adopted a bunch of smart home technology, or maybe you’re thinking about joining the smart home revolution soon. Heck, you may have never even given smart gadgets a second thought when it comes to home furnishings. But smart lights can be more than just a gimmick; they could also improve your home security.

Some of the most well-known smart lights around are the Philips Hue bulbs and other associated products, such as motion sensors and strip lights. And unlike cheaper bulbs that can be bought on eBay and Amazon, the Hue lineup allows you to set custom schedules through an easy to use mobile application.

Philips support this function natively within their application and it’s pretty straightforward to set up. The easiest way to get going is to use the application on your mobile phone whilst connected to your home’s Wi-Fi networ. Start by opening up the app on your phone and then following the below steps:

  • Select the ‘Routines‘ option at the foot of the welcome screen
  • Next, tap ‘Other Routines‘ to access more options and create your own custom schedules
  • Tap the ‘Create Custom Routine‘ option that appears under the picture of the house



Once you’ve gone through the above steps, you’ll be asked whether you want to create a custom routine that runs at sunrise, at sunset, or at a specific time of day. Thanks to the power of the Cloud, your phone’s application and the routines that you set will automatically change throughout the year to account for the change in sunrise and sunset times, so don’t worry about your routines being wrong.

If you want your lights to follow the sun, then you’ll have to set up 2 different routines, but you can also choose ‘At a specific time‘ to have more control over when your lights come on. And this is where home security can receive a little boost.

Take holidays for example. We all naturally worry about our home when we leave it for a prolonged period of time. But when you’re off on holiday, smart lighting gives you the power to remotely turn your bulbs on and off from anywhere in the world, providing you have mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection. Since you’re bound to forget when you’re away having fun, custom routines can help make it appears as if somebody is always at home, potentially reducing the chance of your home being seen as empty and vulnerable.

Lights, vacuums, heating and more …

Lighting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart home technology. The range of gadgets available is ever-growing and now includes smart heating controls, vacuum cleaners, plug sockets, and televisions with voice assistant features built-in.

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