The latest version of the iPad and iPhone operating system (OS), iOS 13, hasn’t had the smoothest arrival. Researchers found potential software exploits in the OS before it was even released, then Apple had to release iOS 13.1.1 almost immediately to rectify other software problems.

Now, shortly after the release of iOS 13.1.2, users are already taking to social media to complain of problems in the software, and several media outlets are advising against updating your phone until the software is more stable.

What’s gone wrong?

Apple’s support pages on their official website, as well as their official Twitter feed are being inundated with complaints from consumers who have downloaded the latest iOS to their device. While the software upgrade was supposed to bring a number of new features, like the overhaul of the ‘Find My iPhone’ app and a systemwide dark more, it has also brought numerous software problems since it first landed.

Even before 13.1.2 was released, numerous sources online reported on how users were complaining about an issue that stops them from using their phone for the most basic of purposes: receiving calls. In some cases, users were left without signal intermittently, whereas in others iPhone users would see their calls drop after around 30 seconds to a minute.

Perhaps the problem is that this version of iOS (13) has been plagued with issues from the start. Owing to the huge customer base, there’s an intense spotlight on Apple to provide fixes as quickly as possible. This in turn leads to rapid-fire software patches, which may not have had a great deal of time to go through stringent testing. And of course this then has the potential to cause even more problems as defects go undiscovered until the public are using the software en-masse.

In 13.1.2, there are other problems too. Users are complaining about issues with faster than usual battery drain, Face ID not working properly, and problems with iMessaging. From everything we’ve seen, it appears that upgrading from iOS 12 to 13 at this point in time might not be a smart move, even if it means waiting a little longer for the newest features.

If you’re not sure whether to update your iOS now or wait a little longer, the good news is that there’s no rush. Apple do not force you to update your devices right away, so you’re free to wait around until these teething issues have been ironed out. In the meantime, if you need any assistance with your iOS software, you can speak to WiseGuys. We provide custom service plans that cover you, not just your device. This means that you can have the peace of mind of having coverage for all of the devices you own rather than a single handset.