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Now you can book your Tablet or Mobile repair online, without coming to one of our WiseGuys Stores!

Do I need a credit or debit card to sign up?

No, you won’t need to provide us with any card numbers. You only need to set up a Direct Debit so you can join in minutes.

Am I tied into a contract?

Never! We don’t believe in contracts. You’re free to cancel any time you like, no matter how many
times you’ve used us.

What is a device?

A device is usually a Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone, however we also support many
other devices and peripherals such as printers, scanners, cameras etc. If you’re unsure, don’t
hesitate to contact our team.

What is remote support

Remote support is what makes us so great! A safe way of connecting to your computer over the
internet so we can help you out in minutes. You can see what we’re doing on your computer so it’s a great tool if you want to learn or be shown how to do something. Don’t worry if you haven’t used
remote support before, it’s very quick and simple. If you have any questions on remote support,
please contact us.

What is the turnaround on repairs?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question as it depends entirely on your fault.
After you first report the issue, we will have a WiseGuys connected to your computer within the
hour. We generally fix most in just 90 mins or less.

What operating systems do you support?

We support all operating systems over the phone or physically, however we can only provide
remote support on Windows 7 and newer.

How do you provide support?

In most cases, we can use remote support and connect to your computer instantly. In the rare event, this is not possible, we can provide over the phone support or collect your device from you.

How much is your repair charge?

All work carried out by WiseGuys is included within your plan, so it’s free! If a part needs replacing, you’ll only have to pay for the cost of the part. In general, most repairs we carry out do not require parts.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can pay monthly or quarterly.

What does "collect & send" service mean?

We will pay for the collection and return of your device, should we need to look at it physically.

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