At least once in your life you will have asked yourself how to send a message to an unknown contact on WhatsApp or rather, to a number that you have not saved in the address book. Today we will try to answer this question by showing which are the simplest approaches to overcome this problem.

The first approach involves using Quick Commands to create a shortcut:

  • press the ” + ” button to add an action and, via the search bar, search for Send message on WhatsApp
  • Set ” Ask every time ” for the recipient and close the tab. 
  • Now, from the list of created actions choose the one related to WhatsApp messages and paste the phone number. 
  • At this point, choose Done and we will be taken directly to the conversation in the WhatsApp app.

In this way, in a few seconds we will have created a shortcut that will be valid forever and it will no longer be necessary to add a number to the phonebook every time before being able to send it a message.