On the 16th March, Samsung will continue with their impressive line of handsets by releasing the latest iterations to the Galaxy range, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Below, we’ve listed several features you might not be immediately familiar with, but ones that certainly make life easier. Read ahead to find out more about what you can do with these handsets.

1. Reply to texts whilst in-activity

Whilst you're in the middle of another activity, say an application, and you receive a text message, you'll be able to reply to that person without leaving what you were doing. Simply swipe the notification downwards to reveal a pop-out dialog that allows you to respond.

2. The screen alerts you to new messages

When you receive a new message, you’ll now see a subtle, illuminated notification appear at the side of the screen. This appears in combination with the message notification at the top of the screen, but it can be useful for being alerted whilst you’re concentrating on a full-screen activity.

3. View app icons horizontally

When you’re watching a video, or playing a game in horizontal orientation, and exit to the home screen, your application icons will now display in horizontal mode, too. This can be toggled on or off through the Display > Home Screen settings menu. Any applications displayed in the ‘All Apps’ drawer will also display in this view.

4. You can improve screen quality

The default screen resolution for the S9 and S9 Plus is 2,220 x 1,080 pixels, which will easily produce high-definition picture and video. However, the phone supports up to 2,960 x 1,440 pixels; this isn’t automatically enabled in order to preserve battery life. If you're watching a 4K video or playing games, then you might want to up the resolution.

5. Multiple social media logins

If you have more than one social media account for the same platform, for example 2 Facebook accounts or 2 Instagram accounts, then you can control multiple accounts without having to log out between sessions, by going into Settings, then Advanced Features and Dual Messenger. This is perfect for anyone running a business via a Facebook login separate to their personal account, for example.

6. You can increase screen sensitivity

Perhaps you have a screen protector on your phone that reduces its sensitivity, or maybe you have trouble pressing the screen firmly enough to get it to respond properly every time. On the S9 and S9 Plus, you can increase the phone’s screen sensitivity, by going into Settings, then Advanced Features and Touch Sensitivity.

7. Fast-swap between front and rear cameras

We’ve all been in that situation where we try to grab a quick snap, but the camera is facing the wrong way. You no longer need to fiddle with the button used to swap cameras; simply swipe the screen up or down to fast-swap between the front and rear camera modes.

8. Hide the navigation bar

Not all users know that you can hide the navigation bar that appears at the foot of your Samsung Android phone screen. Simply double-tap on the dot in the lower-left of the navigation bar to hide it from view. This gives you a wider view of any applications or activities on your screen.

Any questions about your new handset?

If you’re having any trouble getting set up with your new handset, then you can get in touch with WiseGuys on the phone by calling 0808 123 2820. We can provide you with advice on importing your contacts, files or other data from an older handset, or even an iPhone if you’re switching platforms.