Apple’s ‘find my’ technology has always been extremely helpful for those that have a tendency to misplace their phones as well as for those who have multiple apple devices such as iPads and Macbooks that they want to track. 

The app tracks your device to its exact location and even has options for it to make noises/ vibrations to help finding it easier.

Not only that but it will do this regardless of whether the device is on silent or not. 

Apples tracking technology is definitely one of the best in the industry with its latest product realised you won’t only be able to track your apple devices, but anything you want. 

'Find my' App
‘Find my’ App

On the 23rd of April this year Apple released their first ever bluetooth tracking chip called an ‘AirTag’ for preorder with its official release date being the 30th of April.

The product is a small circle-shaped tracker that can be attached to any item you desire using a keyring style item called an Airloop. 

It is small, handy and will help to ensure you don’t lose any item it is attached to. 

How Does it work?

The AirTag is pretty straightforward to use, once you have purchased one (or multiple) and attached them to the items you want to track, the tag uses apples ‘find my’ network to locate the item. 

Working exactly the same as when you’re tracking your phone with all the same settings and options to help you locate the item. 

You can connect your Airtag to any iPhone, iPad or iPod that you own as well as having as many AirTag items on there as you like and the connection process is exactly the same as how you would connect AirPods.

Simply turn the tag on, hold it near to the device you want to pair it with and the pairing option should automatically appear on screen. 

AirTag attached to bag
AirTag attached to bag

What makes AirTags special?

There are other Bluetooth tracking devices available on the market, in fact they have been around for quite some time.

But with Apples ‘Find me’ network being so secure and effective, it gives the AirTag a huge edge over their competitors.

The AirTag can currently be pre-ordered on Apple’s website with prices ranging from £29.99 to £99 depending on whether you buy 1 or 4. 

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