When it comes to buying a new or refurbished PC, it would be useful to draw up a list to evaluate the pros and cons of the two options based on the use to be made of them. 

What does “refurbished” mean? 

Let’s start with the definition of the term: “refurbished” is original brand products (Apple, Samsung, LG, HP, etc.) with aesthetic and functional conditions like new. They can be, for example, products returned by a customer who has changed his mind about the model or color, or due to an incorrect order or malfunction, or products used only for display purposes in fairs and exhibitions or in shops. The seller, however, simply because the product has been switched on once, can no longer sell it as new. 

What is the difference between refurbished and new? 

Refurbished products are therefore products like new ones (for example smartphones, TVs, computers, appliances) but which are simply no longer sealed. These products by law cannot be sold to the consumer as “new” and must be tested, sanitized, resealed and then resold as “refurbished”. As you can understand, the only difference between new and refurbished is precisely this: the new is sold sealed by the factory, the refurbished is checked and then resealed and resold. There is therefore no difference in terms of quality. 

What are the main differences between new and refurbished?  

When you buy new you get a guarantee, protection, additional licenses often useful if not essential for those who use a computer on a daily basis. Starting with a new device is also like writing on a blank sheet of paper and – for many – it is a necessity.  

The main pro when buying a refurbished computer is the price. You get the same item, but it is a lot cheaper when you buy it refurbished than when you buy it new, but without the guarantee it will work.

So, the question is: do I buy something new for a much greater price, or buy something cheaper but without guarantee? Here at WiseGuys you don’t have to worry.

Refurbished without guarantee? We say “No, Thanks!” 

So, what does WiseGuys offer? 

Unlike other companies, here at Wiseguys we do things a little differently to make sure you get exactly what you want without breaking the bank. When buying refurbished, there is no guarantee, but with us, you do not have to worry because our PC are built by experts and all come with a 12 month limited warranty. How good is that? 

We make sure you don’t spend more than you need, and that you have a great experience when buying from us from start to finish, ensuring value for money and WOW factor on a budget. We have years of experience and a full team of level 99 nerds ready to build a bespoke computer every time that fits your needs! Starting from as low as £195, we ensure that we can fit your budget by using a combination of used and new parts that lets you walk away with a computer that makes you excited every time you turn it on! 

For information or would like some support in buying the PC of your dreams, then please give us a call on 07789 982732 or message us on Facebook.