Life in the Interregnum is not easy at all, especially during the early stages when you still have little experience and little equipment. 

Elden Ring, the new title by From Software, will test your skills, but luckily by obtaining runes from defeated enemies it will be possible to become stronger and stronger so as to survive any horror. 

To make it easier for you, we want to recommend some of the best places where you can farm runes in Elden Ring, so as to be powerful enough to face the boss on duty, since there will always be one that will put you in trouble.

Tomb: the best areas to farm

One of the best places to farm runes at the start of the game is in Storm Hill in the north of Sepulcris, just below Great Storm’s castle. 

Along the walls of the castle and going southwest you will come to a clearing with 5 giants present. Despite their strength, especially in the early stages of the game, you can make them hit themselves by chasing you while on your trusty horse. 

The operation involves some risk, but just dodge at the right time and keep your distance by having the giants hit each other to easily get up to 5000 runes, as each of the giants releases 1000.

Caelid: the best areas to farm – Elden Ring: where to farm, here are the best areas

This region is located next to Sepulcris, but it is best to visit it well after the first half of the game, as the enemies present here are of a high level. 

However, it is also true that by managing to kill enemies, many runes can be obtained easily. In particular, heading south of the region you will find enemies easier to defeat, and above all you will come across some factions intent on fighting each other, so it will be enough to be in the area to get many runes without lifting a finger.

Greyoll: the best areas to farm – Elden Ring: where to farm, here are the best areas

North of Caelid is this region which is full of enemies even more dangerous than those present in the previous area. 

However, there is an excellent farming point that does not include any combat. You can get to this region through a portal near Third Church of Marika in the east part of Sepulcris. Once you get here you will find yourself in a cathedral, go out, go up the stream and absolutely avoid the big boss in front of the cathedral. 

Just south you will find some very small enemies that are easy to kill that will easily give you thousands of runes with each kill. Probably at the beginning of the game this area will be too hard, but it is certainly a great farming point for the mid game.

Zamor Ruins: the best areas to farm – Elden Ring: where to farm, here are the best areas

The best place to farm runes during the endgame can be found in the Zamor Ruins, which are located in the Mountaintops of the Giants region, which you will not get to before the final stage of the game. 

Here, you just need to get to the Site of Grace called Zamor Ruins and kill the first enemy you will find right next to the Site of Grace. This enemy will give you 5000 runes at once, and you can then quickly return to the site and rest to make it respawn. 

This way you can make hundreds of thousands of runes in less than an hour.