It’s that exciting time of year again for apple fans with the new iPhone 12 becoming available for pre-order as of tomorrow. But no one wants to buy a phone without knowing the ins and outs first so here’s all you need to know about it.

No charger:

Unlike all previous iPhones, the 12 will not be being sold with a charger or a set of headphones. This change was made by Apple as a way to try to help lessen the company’s impact on the environment. You will still be able to purchase chargers from Apple separately or use your previous iPhone charger if it’s still in working order.


As expected, yet again the iPhone camera has been upgraded to give people the highest quality images and videos. This includes a 27% improvement of low-level lighting photos such as night time images. 

Colour Improvement:

As always Apple has tried to improve the colour quality of the phone by switching to OLED. This will improve the colour quality and has allowed the company to make the phone 11% thinner than the previous ones.

5G ready:

The new phone will be the first iPhone that can connect to 5G. This has been a common thing for other phone producers such as Android but is the first apple one to test the 5G waters. They have also confirmed that the 5G technology they have used will allow you to connect to some networks in the US that were not possible before. 

Battery Life:

Apple has confirmed the fast charging is now available with the iPhone 12 meaning that you can charge your phone from 0-50% battery in half an hour. They have also stated that they have improved how long the battery lasts for but by how much is still unclear.

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