In an age where high-profile data breaches are continually hitting the headlines, Apple has made the decision to show customers what data has been collected about them. In mid-October, the company launched a new privacy portal for users that allows them to request a download of their personal data, as well as being able to correct any inconsistencies, or delete their Apple account. 

Launched in America, this privacy portal is the second iteration of Apple's efforts to bring greater transparency to customers over the data that is held on them. In May 2018, the company launched a portal for European users due to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes. 

Once you've accessed the portal and logged into your Apple account, you can view what has been captured by Apple. This includes a wider range of data than you might think, including your photos; any data stored within the iCloud; calendar reminders and events; documentation; applications that you've purchased on the App Store, and historical data of any official repairs you've had done on your device. 

Types of data gathered by Apple

Though we've listed some of the data that Apple gathers above, this isn't an exhaustive list. Here's a breakdown of the types of data you can expect to see if you request a copy of yours: 

  • Apple ID details; 
  • Activity on the Apple App Store;
  • Activity on the Apple Music application; 
  • Application usage history; 
  • AppleCare repairs history; 
  • Calendar data; 
  • Documentation you've stored in iCloud; 
  • Downloads to your device; 
  • iCloud information, including photos, contacts and more; 
  • Marketing data and subscriptions; 
  • Reminders. 

How to download your data

Downloading the data held on you is straightforward. Simply head over to Apple's new privacy portal and log into your Apple account. You can easily locate the portal via Google, just look for the HTTPS-secured website to be sure it's official. 

  • Click on the "Manage Your Privacy" option in the toolbar; 
  • Scroll until you reach the "Take charge of your data" section; 
  • Click on "Visit your Data and Privacy" page; 
  • Select the "Get a copy of your data" option; 

Once you've followed the above instructions, you'll be able to download your personal data, either by choosing what type of data to download, or by opting to see everything. 

To access your data, you'll need to be logged into your Apple account, as mentioned above. When logging in, you'll need to input a code from your device if two-factor authentication is set up on your account. If it's not setup, then we seriously recommend doing so, as it'll help you to keep all this data secure from future breaches like we've seen from Google, Equifax and Facebook recently. 

If you need any help in getting two-factor authentication set up on your Apple ID, or generally want to discuss your online security, then get in touch with WiseGuys on 0808 123 2820. We're always happy to advise on personal security and how it can be improved.