How many times have you asked yourself one or more questions about the meaning of the acronyms on the games you, or your child, play? And with what criteria are they used, what categories are they, and how are they related to each other?

Well, since we have noticed that it is a subject that is not much treated and lacking in answers, we have prepared a series of acronyms, that we will explain the meaning of, in order to create less confusion in your life.

Acronyms used in the game:

AFK – Away from the keyboard

GLHF – Good luck have fun

n00b / Newbie – This is jargon for someone with little experience or a newbie to the game

RTS – Real Time Strategy

GTG – Good

PUG – Pick-up group (used in MMORPGs) – indicates a group that is not made up of people you know

OOC – Out of Character: used when a character wants to break character

TLDR – Too long, I haven’t read

IGM – name in the game

BBIAB – I’ll be back in a while

Beast mode – dominate the game

dl – Download

Fail – Failure

FUBAR – Passed beyond recognition

PK – Player Kill

MOD – game modified by changing characters, introducing custom levels etc. Usually illegal or not supported by certain types of games

IRL – In real life

IDK – I don’t know

FTW – For the win

PWN – owned / to acquire property

IAP – in-app purchase

Gosu – someone who dominates that game (Korean term)

HF – Enjoy

WOOT – used to show excitement

Types of players to watch out for

Campers – players who attack other players to gain an advantage

Cheaters – exploit game bugs or code errors to gain an advantage in the game

griefer – deliberately bullying and harassing other players

Hackers – players who hack the game to find ways to cheat in the game

Trolls – Like Griefers, these are players who incite hatred in forums or in the game by targeting other people with abuse.

SMURF – This is an experienced player who pretends to be a new player in the game by creating a new account.

SPOT – someone who doesn’t play well or is relatively new to the game (beginner)

Acronyms and common game types

DLC – Downloadable Content: Additional downloadable content for a game distributed online

MMOPRG – Massive multiplayer online game – where large numbers of players play together in real time

FTP – Free video games also known as free to start which involve in-game purchases to access premium parts of the game

sandbox – gives the player more freedom to roam and change the virtual world they are in (Minecraft is an example of such a game)

PvP: player versus player r – this is a type of game in a multiplayer game

NPC – Non-Player Character: This is a game where you don’t have control of the character (it may be controlled by the computer)

Adjustment – time spent doing repetitive tasks in the game to unlock a part of the game

Lag – when a computer game responds slower than expected

Level up – where you go to the next stage of the game

Battle Royale : This category includes all games whose goal is to stay alive in an arena against other players

CORPG : type of game in which the user focuses on the creation and evolution of his own character by challenging or creating alliances with other players

FPS : better known as first person shooter, they are the kind of games in which players face each other with the use of weapons, often at a distance, from the perspective of the character that is controlled in that moment

GATCHA : game genre mainly in the Japanese anime style, in which capsules of a random toy are dispensed, often obtainable by purchasing the in-game currency

INDIE : short for independent, they are all those titles created by a small team of individuals, or even by a single developer

MOBA : acronym for Multyplayer Online Battle Arena, indicates that set of games in which there are online battles with other users in real time, whose goal is to defeat the opponent by conquering the base

Open World : genre of games in which the character has the ability to move freely within a virtual map, the peculiarity of this type is in fact the complete freedom of choice by the player, in fact he can decide whether or not to make certain missions, completing one task rather than another, etc.

Metroidvania : action-adventure type games, the name includes the games of the Metroid series (by Nintendo) and Castlevania (by Konami)

RTS : from the English Real Time Strategy, it is a game in real time where we do not have the classic “turn-based” mechanics and strategy is the winning note.

RPG (RPG) : An action RPG (role-playing game) is an RPG where continuous, non-stop player action is required. You choose the action and then point to the next one.

Roguelike : The term refers to Rogue, a 1980 video game based on the title Dungeon & Dragons. The roguelike typology is an RPG with permanent death, with RPG elements and with random maps typical of dungeons. It is descended from a great series of 2D platform action games.

Tower Defense : type of game in which the objective is to annihilate the enemies, who will cross the map, building towers, which may in turn have distinct special abilities.