Google has introduced a new security measure using USB sticks, to discourage hackers.

It is a simple USB stick, but it can make a difference in raising the bar for your online security and defending yourself from hacker attacks.  

Google takes action on its “advanced protection program” by announcing that it will make 10,000 physical USB sticks available to as many high-profile users at risk of violation, such as politicians and human rights activists. 

These USB sticks will provide two-factor authentication, an additional layer of security in addition to the password.  

This is the first time that a company has offered its users a this form of two-factor authentication free of charge. According to Darktrace the measure adopted is not taken for granted that it will be enough to stop the targeted attacks. Toby Lewis, Darktrace’s Global Head of Threat Analysis, says: “While the [USB stick] adds an extra layer of security, there are several ways to prevent it.”

“For example, most accounts have a recovery option in case the USB is lost, which could turn out to be an entry point for hackers, or an attacker could find a way to steal the physical device. having already obtained access to the credentials “. 

Google USB security key, helping users against cyberattacks

According to Google, the campaign came from Apt28 – a hacking group linked to Russia – and was a phishing attempt.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) responds: “As we always do, we have sent alerts to people who have been targeted by attackers backed by the Russian government”.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) sent out emails informing over 14,000 Gmail users across different industries about the Russian hacking group, also known as Fancy Bear, which had sent out phishing emails designed to trick high profile people into revealing their passwords. 

Shortly after the news broke, the company announced efforts to increase the security of the accounts of users at high risk of being targeted by hackers. The company also recently announced plans to “automatically enrol another 150 million Google users” into its two-factor authentication system. 

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