Scammers frequently use text messages or third-party messaging applications to canvas victims, though it’s been some time since we’ve seen a new scam circulate. However, there’s a new text message scam going around that claims to originate from Tesco.

The text message claims that there’s a package waiting for you and encourages you to click the link. It tries to reel you in by claiming you’ve won third place in a prize draw. By clicking on the link, the scam claims you can obtain the fictitious prize. However, it is a malicious website.

Should you open the link, you’ll be shown a form that asks for information from you, which includes your name and home address. Supposedly, you need to input this information to reveal and receive your prize. Of course, by filling in this form on the scammer’s website, you are handing your personal information directly over to the cyber-criminals.

What’s more, you’re asked to stump up a fee of £2 that is disguised as a ‘delivery charge’ – but in reality, the scammer’s will take your bank details and use them to access funds from your account.

The text messages appear to be originating from the short type of numbers that you might expect to see attached to competitions run by TV programs, a 5-digit string that doesn’t appear like a normal mobile number. For example, shoppers have reported some as 43754, 43898, and 38448.

If in doubt about the authenticity of a text message you’ve received, always remember:

  • Don’t click on strange links from a text message;
  • If in doubt, speak to the company apparently responsible;
  • Don’t enter your personal or banking details into strange websites;
  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

If you need any more advice about avoiding text message and phone-based scams, then get in touch with WiseGuys on 0808 123 2820. We can always smell a scam from a mile away.