There is nothing worse than a device which just takes ages to load. Time to learn how to speed this up!

Here is a guide we have prepared just for you!

  • Free up your memory: The first thing you can do is free up some of your memory, such as deleting images, heavy SMS/messages containing images, or videos. You can do this by going into Settings > Storage

  • Close apps you don’t use: When you open an app, a window will pop up, and unless you close it or restart your device, it will stay there. So, make sure to close them all by opening the app switcher, which depending on which phone you have, it will be either by sliding the bottom part of your screen or long-pressing the home button.

  • Clear cache and data: Open your settings and tap Safari, or whichever browser you use, and select Clear History and Data.

  • Turn off automatic updates: Open the app store and on Updates, simply turn off the Automatic Updates, so you can manually decide what to update and when.