As we've discussed previously, your iPhone can begin to slow down towards the latter end of its lifespan, especially if you're holding onto an older model. Eventually, if you want to enjoy the benefits of a fast and responsive smartphone, you'll need to upgrade. However, these tips that we've put together can help to keep your old phone running smoothly for longer.

Avoid iOS (operating system) updates

Though we're advocates of downloading the latest updates for your smartphone, in order to ensure that you get any relevant security updates, this is one method you can use to extend the lifespan of your older iPhone. Every time Apple brings out a new iOS update, they typically add new features or improvements for their phones. However, these updates can increase the strain on your phone’s processor, particularly if the changes have been designed with newer handsets in mind. Many users find that new iOS releases slow down their older handsets as a result.

Free up space on your phone

Newer iPhones are more powerful than their predecessors, meaning that they can handle more powerful and complicated apps. As a result, applications naturally become larger over time and take up more space in your phone's internal storage. Storage can also be filled up more quickly by newer smartphones with more powerful cameras, as higher resolution photos take up more space than lower resolution pictures.

You can free up space in your phone in several ways. To see how much space your applications are taking up, go to Settings, then General, and tap on iPhone Storage. All the applications that you have installed on your phone will be listed in size order, from largest to smallest. You should carefully consider whether there are any applications you are no longer using; these can be deleted to improve your phone's performance.

Another way to free up some storage space on your iPhone is by synchronising your photographs to iCloud. This is a space stored within the cloud – a collective name for software and servers that run through the internet – meaning that your files can be accessed through your own iCloud space, without having to take up room on your phone. Just go to Settings, then click on your user name at the top of the page, then tap iCloud. Here, you’ll see numerous toggle switches for selecting which data you back up into iCloud.

Replace your old battery

We’ve recently discussed the news that Apple have admitted to slowing down their older models of iPhone, which was a step taken to prevent old iPhones from automatically switching themselves off during periods of high processor usage. You can avoid experiencing this slowdown by replacing your iPhone battery; as mentioned in the above linked article, this is a service that WiseGuys offer, with replacement batteries being available for £34.99, with fitting completed the same day.

Later this year, Apple plans to release a software update that will allow you to see whether your iPhone is affected by this slowdown in processing speed. Until then, if you’re running an old iPhone 6 or higher that has become sluggish, the chances are that you’re one of the affected users.

Clear your website browsing history

When you visit websites on your iPhone using the Safari web browser, your handset will store something called cookies on your device. These are very small files that help websites to remember you and your browsing preferences, but over time, they can begin to take up considerable space. You can clear these and your browsing history by going to Settings then Safari. Next, just tap on 'Clear History and Website Data' to gain a small boost to your iPhone’s internal storage space.

Clean your charger connection

You may be surprised to learn that dust and lint building up within your charger connection can result in a decrease in charging speed, meaning it takes longer to power up your phone. This can be cleaned out with compressed air in a can, sprayed from a reasonable distance. Some websites recommend using a pin or paper clip, but this has a potential to damage the delicate charging pins inside the port and isn’t something we’d recommend trying.

Last thoughts

The above 5 tips are some of the main things you can do to speed up your phone in general, though there are some small day-to-day pieces of advice that you can follow to make your charge last longer. For example, always kill apps you aren’t using – double-tap the Home button and swipe them away to the top of the screen – and don’t keep your brightness level maxed out.

If you’re concerned that your phone has begun to slow down and would like advice, then you can speak to WiseGuys by calling 0808 123 2820. As mentioned above, we can provide new iPhone batteries, or provide any other advice you may need. We may also be able to help you with a new handset if you decide that the time has come to make the change.