There are many possibilities for taking macro photographs. We will see how it is possible to do this in the best way on your iPhone and Android devices.

Macro, also called macro photography, is a type of shot that is used to take pictures of small objects in order to view them as enlarged and detailed. 

There are two possible ways to use macro on your phone, depending on your model: you can use the dedicated 2-5 megapixel macro lens that is present on some mid-range models, or the wide-angle lens by setting the focal length in the macro range. This second solution is used by top of the range such as iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 Ultra, and it offers much better results.

Macro on Android phones

It should be clear, that there is a method for taking macro photographs and it depends on the type of phone you use. In the case of Android devices, the situation is much more varied: some high-end models (such as Galaxy S21 Ultra) are able to recognise the distance to the subject and switch to macro mode automatically, on others it is necessary to try to understand how to proceed.

In some cases, like on Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, there is a dedicated macro sensor and it is therefore sufficient to click on Macro or Super Macro in the camera app to activate it.

In the others, it is necessary to work through the wide-angle sensor by adjusting the focus or, alternatively, try to understand which lens works best at a close distance from the subject.

Macro on iPhone

The new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can use macro mode thanks to the ultra wide-angle sensor and the ability to automatically detect the appropriate distance, adjusting accordingly. Unfortunately, it is not possible to manually control this setting which is completely managed by the artificial intelligence.

This allows you to take close-up photographs (up to 2 centimeters) of objects of various kinds with a very high quality level.

On previous Apple models this feature was not present and to create macros it was necessary to resort to some tricks: apply external lenses to the device’s camera or use the third-party applications.

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