Whether it’s photos, documents, video files or confidential information, your data is extremely important and you absolutely need to protect it.

Data loss can compromise your personal identity, ruin your family history, or even bankrupt your entire company. It doesn’t matter if you keep years of highly sensitive customer data or if you just save photos from your last beach vacation. 

Finding out that you have mistakenly deleted files or that all of your business or personal data is missing or stolen is one of the worst situations you will ever find yourself in.

Would you leave all of your life savings under your bed? No? Then why leave all your life’s memories under your desk. There’s often a significant emotional or monetary impact associated with losing your digital data, and it happens more often than you think!

In fact, according to the Boston Computing Network’s Data Loss Statistics, 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. If your photos, documents, and memories are important to you then why risk it? Keep your information safe, get backed up now.

What is back up?

With backup we refer to that digital copy of data, which is acquired and securely stored on another computer system, so that it can be used and restored in case of loss or damage of the original data.

Nowadays, backing up your data is one of the safest ways to make sure you are proactive about their safety. That way, if disaster strikes, you can rest easy and know that your information still exists elsewhere. 

With the help of cybersecurity techniques and backup software, you can take the initiative to protect yourself before something irreparable happens.

It is carried out for two main purposes:

  • recover and restore data in case it is lost or damaged
  • have a previous version of the data mistakenly changed or deleted.

Regardless of what the purpose is, having an up-to-date copy of corporate data (ie, having a backup copy) is the only foolproof way to mitigate total data loss.

Natural disasters and human error cannot be predicted or eliminated, but planning a backup strategy can protect you against any kind of disaster to your data.

How can you back up?

WiseGuys offers a way for you to safely back up your data.

If security is important to you, then you won’t find a safer place to store all your data. All data that’s securely backed up with WiseGuys has the strongest available security for data protection. All data centres are ISO 27001 certified and protected by 3 layers of physical security.

If your device completely breaks down, lost or stolen, just simply log in to your online data back up from a separate device and restore all your files, documents & memories.

We try to make life simple for you, which is why WiseGuys automatically backs up your photos, documents, files & memories to our secure UK data centres, saving you time & hassle.

Our software takes less than 60 seconds to set up and then gets to work immediately. Any time you add or edit a file, it’ll automatically update it on your backup. We also keep up to 30 previous edits on your files, if you accidentally save any unwanted edits you can revert to a previous save.

Remember, only you will have access to your backed up files by using your unique log in details.