There is nothing more annoying than finding out some of your important documents got accidentally deleted, and you cannot find them anywhere. It is difficult or nearly impossible to get them back.

Don’t worry! Here are some easy tips to avoid losing important documents.

Save immediately and frequently

When using applications such as Word, creating projects on any Adobe programs, or even writing this blog on WordPress, there is almost always a “save automatically” which saves your file without you pressing any button. This is usually every 10 minutes.

But why rely on something you can control? It is important to manually save everything when you do something important or when you spent ages editing something and you don’t wish for it to get lost.

There is nothing worse than your device acting up, turning itself off and then you are left with no files to recover.

Save frequently and immediately, by going to File > Save. Alternatively, you can use shortcuts. Depending on which program you are using, for Windows you can almost always use the Ctrl + S, and for MAC you can use Cmd + S.

Make multiple copies

Copy and paste. We use this when copying a link to share with some friends, for example, but that’s not all it is good for.

This very quick tool may save you some precious time from trying to find a file that accidently got deleted. When saving your file, you may notice there is an option that says “Save As”. This allows you to save the file somewhere else, even change location and name.

Next time, why not save your original file and then save another one, in a separate folder? This way if your file gets destroyed for some reason, you have created a copy in advance and don’t have to recover any lost file.

When working on the original file, make sure you keep the copy updated as well, by clicking “Save As” and selecting the copy of your file and hitting Save.

Use hard drives and USB cards

Let’s face it. Nowadays there are different ways to save your files online, such as iCloud or Google Drive. These are perfect in case you need to share your file to someone and it is too big to send through a simple email.

But what if you prefer something else? Hard drives and USB cards are incredibly helpful not only when it comes to saving files, but also allows you to keep your computer clean and your storage away from filling up.

When working on large files, depending on your computer, your storage may become full very quickly. This is a common issue, as there isn’t infinite amount of space for you to use. You can manually save the files on hard drives and USB cards, so your storage becomes less full with time.

Get automatic backup


We try to make life simple for you, which is why WiseGuys automatically backs up your photos, documents, files & memories to our secure UK data centres, saving you time & hassle.

Our software takes less than 60 seconds to set up and then gets to work immediately. Any time you add or edit a file, it’ll automatically update it on your backup.

We also keep up to 30 previous edits on your files, if you accidentally save any unwanted edits you can revert to a previous save. Remember, only you will have access to your backed up files by using your unique log in details.

If you want more advice on backing up your important files, then WiseGuys can help with this, too. We provide support for the person, not the machine, so all your personal devices could be covered under one of our plans. Just give us a call on 0808 123 2820.