Looking to step up your gaming skills? Here are some easy tips on how to become a better gamer. 

Control your emotions 

This advice is directed mostly to gamers who play team games like League of Legends, Overwatch or Counter Strike. 

There are matches that cannot be won: you may end up on a team with someone who lacks skill, who likes to ruin your experience, who thinks they are playing alone and doesn’t cooperate with the rest of the team. But the same situation could happen to the opposing team.  

As the number of game matches increase, what remains constant is you. It is important to make sure you don’t release your frustration towards them, which can also be a good way to preserve the image you have of yourself. You do not want to be labelled as the “anger-issues-gamer”, as it can create issues and people may not want to play team games with you anymore. Plus, moderators may kick you out. It’s also important to remember when it comes to blaming your teammates, that hardly helps them play better. 

Make sure you control your emotions. 

Practice makes perfect 

If you have the ability to record your games, do it. Many times when we are in the middle of the game we don’t even notice certain mistakes we make because we are in the middle of the flow, where time and what is close to us are relative. You can use this to also practice different moves and see how that will make the difference. 

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone admits it, and then tries to understand them to avoid repeating them in the future. Certainly those who want to improve behave like this. 

Dedicate times to play games 

It is important to have a good time management not only in your personal life, but also when gaming, as you do not want to look at the clock and realise you played for 10 hours straight.  

If you are a student, for example, you may have some troubles working out when to study and when to game. 

Why not set up a schedule, where you start with doing the important aspects of your life first, such as doing homework, and then you can use all the free time to play your favourite games. 

Take breaks constantly 

To become good you need to play a lot for sure. Despite this, taking a break every now and then, every hour for example, is essential to climb the rankings. A break can help you a lot more than you think. When we play we use muscles (unbelievable huh?), Not at the level of sports athletes to be clear, and relaxing them for a few minutes allows us not to overload them with work. 

There is nothing better than disconnecting for a while: take the opportunity to go to the bathroom, eat something, listen to music, whatever you like. Then come back, heavier than before, and see the difference. 

Make sure you use the right settings and equipment 

How can a mountaineer climb a snowy peak with a pair of moccasins on his feet? At first you don’t give much importance to the equipment you use to train. But when you start to evaluate all the components in a meticulous way, based on your needs and the needs of the game, you are able to make a difference. A good SSD or graphic card, for example, can greatly affect the outcome of the race, but also the sensitivity of your mouse or joysticks, so make sure you check your settings before playing. 

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