There are new shortcuts for Windows 11, Microsoft newest operating system, and they are the easiest and fastest way to access some of the new features.

Some of these shortcuts stay the same and some of them replace older, non-working ones the previous operating systems had.

Settings at your fingertips

These shortcuts make it easier for you to access important settings, without having to wonder where you need to click. Simply input the command and it will do it for you.

Windows key + AOpen Quick Settings
Windows key + NOpen notification center and calendar
Windows key + WOpen Widgets
Windows key + KOpen Cast in Quick Settings
Windows key + COpen Chat from Microsoft Teams
Windows key + Ctrl + CTurn on colour filter (requires you to enable it first. Go to Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Colour filters)

Virtual Desktop changes without the hassle

Having more than one monitor on your computer or laptop is one of the best upgrades you can make, but not everyone can afford one.

Thankfully, Microsoft came up with Virtual Desktop as an alternative to multiple monitors back in Windows 10, improving it even more in Windows 11, giving you a hand when it comes to balancing work, personal and other windows.

Windows key + TabOpen Task view of virtual desktops
Windows key + Ctrl + DAdd a virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + Right or Left arrowSwitch between open virtual desktops
Windows key + Ctrl + F4Close the virtual desktop you’re currently using

Layout and multiple pages

If you need to improve your productivity, then Snap layouts are an absolute must, allowing you to arrange multiple windows across the screen, side by side, in columns, sections and whichever way you want. 

No more need to press the Alt key to get through multiple windows, just use this incredible feature, which with keyboard shortcuts is even easier to use, allowing you to still use your keyboard to navigate around rather than a laptop trackpad or a mouse.

Windows key + ZOpen Snap Layouts
Windows key + Alt + Up arrow or Down arrowSnap selected window to top or bottom half of screen