Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, or the much talked about new subscription tier for 5 people, will be launched by Microsoft in the fall , probably a few weeks before the Christmas holidays, according to Brad Sams, editorial advisor of BWW Media Group and insider with several sources within the colossus of Redmond.

He says: “As for the Family Plan, the latest rumours I heard were about the launch during the fall, around the holiday period of this year,” said Sams in the latest video posted on his YouTube channel, adding that however the plans in this sense could change in the coming months.

Obviously, take it all as a mere rumor, since at the moment there are no certainties that Microsoft actually intends to launch a family subscription.

The first rumour about it came with a report from Windows Central about two weeks ago , in which the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is described as a subscription arriving by the end of the year designed for up to 5 users, thus allowing spend less than the standard tiers by dividing the spend among more people.