Android users warned of another 85 malicious applications

How to Avoid Buying a Fake Phone

Life’s not always easy for an Android smartphone owner. It’s common knowledge that Android devices are generally more susceptible to viruses than smartphones manufactured by Apple. In August last year, we told you how a massive 145 mobile applications in the Google Play Store were loaded with malware — malicious software — that could compromise […]

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Apple may once again change the connectors on your favourite iPhones

In 2016, Apple released the controversial iPhone 7, which did away with the traditional headphone jack. This 3.5mm port has historically featured on laptop and desktop computers, and on many smartphone models, too. It’s the connector favoured by many headphones, but instead, models 7 and beyond from the iPhone lineup of smartphones began using earphones […]

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How to secure your Facebook account with 2-step authentication

There’s a security method you should be using to secure all your important accounts, whether they’re social media, email, business, or financial. It’s commonly called 2-factor authentication, 2-step authentication, or one of numerous other abbreviations — but they all boil down to the same thing. The process involves using two separate identification methods to access […]

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