Adobe Photoshop has only ever been available as an application on either your desktop or iPad. 

However, that’s about to change as at the Max Conference on Tuesday Adobe announced all their new plans including their plan for a web browser version of both Photoshop and Illustrator. 

So what is Web Browser Photoshop?

Web Browser Photoshop will be a slimmed-down version of the original software.

Its main purpose will be to allow people to share PSD documents with other collaborators in order to gain feedback and give feedback to others. 

It will have a comment and review section where people can share their thoughts and feelings on a person’s piece of work in order to help them improve or celebrate how good their creation is.

As well as this it will have basic editing tools for minor edits and these tools can be used without opening the desktop app. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Apps/logos
Adobe Creative Cloud Apps/logos

Why release this now?

According to the Adobe press release, this new web browser version is a necessary add-on to help those in the creative field more effectively as the field itself is changing into something new.

“Creativity is evolving to meet the new realities of work. Adobe is bringing new collaboration capabilities, more AI-powered features, and web-first applications to Creative Cloud to unleash our customers’ full creative potential. We are reimagining Creative Cloud products and services to connect creative teams, enable new ways to create and empower more creative careers.”

Scott Belsky  chief product officer and executive vice president, Creative Cloud, Adobe

Adobe is adapting its creative cloud capabilities to fit in with the current demand and style of the industry and we are sure this won’t be the last big change for Adobe products so keep an eye out for more. 

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