Given the popularity of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, many of us probably remember the service outages that hit at the beginning of July. These connectivity issues prevented users from being able to share and view media across all 3 websites and applications, highlighting one of the issues associated with a single corporation owning some of the most popular social networks.

Well, now Instagram has suffered another outage; the problems began to surface early Thursday morning, culminating in a spike of issues around 11:30am ET. Users across countries including the USA, UK, Russia, and India reported being unable to refresh their activity feeds. Throughout the day, the hashtag #InstagramDown was trending as users flocked to Twitter in their droves, a common occurrence whenever Instagram suffers an outage.

The problems seem to lie mostly within the news feed, which is not refreshing properly to show new updates from connected followers. Indeed, the Down Detector website highlights how 88% of reports relate to the news feed at the time of writing. But some users also reported problems loading their friends’ stories.

Down Detector website highlights extent of outage

This differs from the problems that came at the beginning of July, in which users could send media files on WhatsApp, but the recipient couldn’t view them properly. And on Facebook, images were being displayed with strange tags rather than showing the media itself properly.

Aside from the outage that came at the start of the month, there have been some major issues with other social networks this month, too. Popular websites Reddit and Twitter were crippled by outages that left them out of action for hours just last week.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do but wait for these types of outages to be resolved. Fortunately, the reports seem to have subsided throughout the day and the application appears to be working as normal once again.