If you’ve ever tried to switch from one mobile phone provider to another, then you’ll know the pain of having to jump through hoops first.

Until now, you’d have been expected to phone your network to request a porting authorisation code (PAC), which would need to be given to your new provider if you wanted to keep your number.

However, Ofcom, or The Office of Communications – the UK’s government-sanctioned regulator for broadcasting, telecommunications and the post – have said that many people do not switch networks due to the complexities involved with obtaining this code. What’s more, some people get hounded by their existing network’s attempts to keep them as customers.

Switching via text

As part of changes to switching networks you can now simply send a text message to obtain your PAC code, meaning no more difficult calls with your existing network.

Bear in mind that this is what you should do if you’re looking to keep your existing number when you switch.

Here’s how the process works:

1) Send a text message containing just “PAC” (without the quotation marks) to the number 65075;

2) Your existing network should automatically send a text message response within a minute;

3) Next, you’ll be sent the all-important PAC code, but this will only last for 30 days;

4) Review the information sent back to you regarding any early disconnection fees or outstanding balances;

5) You can then contact the new provider you’d like to join, who will ask for your PAC code and arrange the swap within 1 working day.

According to the Lindsey Fussell, a Director at Ofcom, these changes have been made to help address the problems that dissuade people from changing their network provider, even if they’re unhappy with service or the amount that they’re paying.

So, if you’re not happy with the company currently providing your network services, why not consider switching? Here at WiseGuys, we can advise you on anything to do with your smartphone, so give us a call on 0808 123 2820 if you have any questions.