WhatsApp should soon gain reverse image search functionality

The Latest WhatsApp Scam to Watch Out For

  WhatsApp is probably the single largest communications application on mobiles right now. It’s used by a huge range of age groups for cost-free messaging that pretty much makes the text messages provided by your network redundant. Whether you’re sending text, images, or videos, the service works over Wi-Fi or using cellular data. Unfortunately, this […]

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HP issues product recall for laptop batteries that could burst into flames

  Popular laptop manufacturer Hewlett-Packard, or HP for short, has issued a product recall for tens of thousands of laptop batteries, which they are concerned could burst into flames. This is an extension of a previous recall, which originally named 50,000 lithium ion batteries. HP are recalling an additional 28,500, taking the total number of […]

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Facebook profiles searchable using two-factor security numbers

Google Proves Effectiveness of Two-Factor Login Security

  Facebook are once again in the crosshairs as it’s revealed that your profile can be located using the phone number that you provide for two-factor authentication. Emojipedia founder, Jeremy Burge, this weekend pointed out how the phone number tied to your two-factor security method could be searched for via the Facebook user search function. […]

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